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It has been another great week looking back to the past and remembering the now vintage things we loved when we were younger!  All the photos were posted on our Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys shared your memories and added some great comments.

Fisher price dog toy – We bought one dated in 1962 for our daughter Kitty and she broke the ears that had lasted 50 years in only 2 months….we were not amused!  You remembered it as a most loved toy that got dragged around a lot of different places during the 1970’s!

fisher price dog

Ice Magic ice cream sauce – We here at YVL loved it….putting your spoon through the hard chocolate to the soft ice cream below…genius!  You remembered it as a special weekend treat or as part of the diet of ice cream when you had your Tonsils out (and the fact you can still buy it now but its nowhere as good!)

ice magic sauce

Dallas – We asked who was your favourite character..Sue Ellen, Pam, Miss Ellie or maybe JR?  Pretty and nice Pam was a style crush and her husband Bobby was definitely the heartthrob of the show.  A big memory was the “Who Shot JR?” storyline (spoiler – it was Kristin) and of course hunky Bobby coming back from the dead from the shower in the “its was all a dream…” storyline…!  Ridiculously over the top cheesy 80’s soap – wonderful!


Slogan T-shirts – Frankie says relax, Choose Life…who wore a slogan T in the 1980s? Oversized, ethical and fun…the originals were by Katherine Hamnett but most of us had a cheap knock off.  They we good enough for Wham, so they were good enough for us!  We all remembered feeling dead cool in them.


Cabbage Patch kids dolls – Hands up who had a Cabbage Patch kid? Here at YVL we thought they were awful so just didn’t get it!!  You even got a birth certificate with them – far too much commitment for a toy!

Cabbage Patch kids

ABBA –  we all loved ABBA in the 70’s and 80’s and depending on if you were blonde or brunette wanted to be Agnetha or Anni-Frid.  Lots of favourite songs and memories of playing their parents albums on jumpy record players.



Another great week of memories and smiles caused by your recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments and remembering the things we’d forgotten!  ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration.



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