Top Tips For Buying A Forever Watch

You probably have several watches in your house. Everyone does – I have so many as of course have kept every watch I’ve owned! From cheap yet cool looking ones (er hello G Shock in pastel pink and a POP Swatch!) to ones that are worth more (I have a few Calvin Klein ones from the noughties). But how often do you take time to think about watches before making a purchase, whether it be a modern one or a vintage one? Are you like the majority of people who buy a watch out of impulse – you find a vintage timepiece that strikes you, and boom, you get it.


Top Tips For Buying A Forever Watch


However, at a certain point in your life, you may want to buy a watch that goes beyond what it looks like. Maybe a fine designer watch to finish off any outfit, something a bit more special, but how do you find such a timepiece?

Read on to learn a few aspects to help you buy your next watch with confidence


You probably have bought a watch that didn’t last even a month because the material was substandard. The material to consider in this case includes the movement, crystal, band, and casing. Whenever considering the watch material, you should go for durability and style. 

How you intend to use the watch will dictate the durability aspect. For instance, if you swim regularly and want a Patek Philippe watch, you should go for a water-resistant case. Additionally, it would be best if you avoided watches made of metals if you struggle with metal allergies. 

Strap or Bracelet?

The band is a critical element you should consider when buying a watch. Bands are available as either a strap or a bracelet and can be made of fabric, plastic, rubber, or leather. 

Usually, interlocking metallic links are used to make the bracelet bands. In case you want to resize the bracelet, you will have to add or remove one or several links depending on the size of your wrist. Consider a brand that is durable and matches most of your outfits. 


Top Tips For Buying A Forever Watch


The Crystal

A watch crystal refers to the cover placed over the watch’s face to act as an interior protector. It can be synthetic, plastic, or glass. The quality of the watch often determines the material of the crystal. 

Most high-end watches have acrylic or sapphire crystal. Sport watches are known to have acrylic crystals. Despite being hard to crack or shutter, an acrylic crystal can scratch easily, running the appearance. 


The movement of a watch is basically how the timepiece works. You can choose automatic, quartz, or mechanical movement. 

The mechanical option is the old-fashioned way that relies on a spring. You use a button on the watch’s side to set the time. Quartz movement runs on a long-lasting battery. 

The automatic options are self-winding movements. They rely on energy generated when you swing the hand daily. The downside of this type of movement is that you will have to reset it occasionally because they lose or gain some minutes depending on the available energy.  


Top Tips For Buying A Forever Watch

For many, this is a must-have accessory that completes your outfit. However, the right watch isn’t just about its ability to tell the time but also how it matches your tastes and preferences and completes your style every day. 

Consider the strap, movement, overall material, and crystal when shopping for one. Such consideration will help you buy the best watch depending on your preferred use. 


Are you ready to invest in a new design?

Top Tips For Buying A Forever Watch

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