9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A House

Hands up: who wants to buy a new house?  Buying a house is on the bucket list of life for most people. The chance to get on the property ladder, own a piece of land or a house that can be passed from generation to generation? It’s the dream of most who believe that buying a house is the ultimate form of security and for some, the ultimate indicator of success. For those people, buying property really is an indication of success, especially if their parents have never owned a home before. Growing up, you might have pictured yourself owning a palace or a castle, and while you may not be able to do that for real, it doesn’t mean that the house you buy isn’t going to be your castle. It will be that for you, and more. 


9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A House


Have you ever considered, though, that the best thing that you could do instead of buying a house is building a house? When you’re ready to buy a house, you might not find anything you really love. You might even pass over hundreds of houses on estate agent books because you cannot find THE ONE. The thing is, the “one” that you want may not be out there because it doesn’t exist yet; it only exists in your head so far. It doesn’t have to, though. It can exist for real, especially when you get in touch with an expert who can draw up some plans with you and go through the motions of designing a home on a piece of land that you own. You can get some idea of costs and what you would need with www.mortgagecalculator.uk, but you can choose to also go beyond the norm and build one from the ground up if you want to. Building a house obviously has its pros and cons, but no more so than buying one does. The key thing to remember here is that this house is YOUR house, and you can build it instead of walking into one that’s been lived in before. 


So, with this in mind, let’s talk about all of the reasons you should consider building your house instead of buying a ready made one.


Your house is brand new

For some of you – a brand new house is the dream. The paint is fresh, the newly laid carpets still smell newly laid, the kitchen has never been cooked in before. All of these things are exactly what you need to ensure that you get that “new house” feeling. Building a new home means that everything inside it is new. The odds of you needing to remember to repair anything are very slim. The chances that you have to worry about the boiler exploding this winter are even slimmer. If you’ve chosen the right contractors and designers, you can ensure that your home is the perfect one, and you can make it so that your new house is one that you pass down into your children’s future and beyond. 


You get to customise the entire thing

Choosing the plot of land that you want to build on and having control over the design of the space is so much fun. You can choose the floor plans and do so in a way that makes total sense to the whole family. You can add all of the little extras you wish you’d had in previous houses, such as built-in appliances and an induction hob so that little hands don’t accidentally touch a hot hob. You can choose the fixtures and fittings, the carpets and flooring, the paint on the walls. Every single detail from the moment you choose a designer to the moment the house is up and standing, was all made by you. The cinema room you build, the laundry room separate from the rest and the garage that connects to the house with an internal door will all come together to be a space in which you and the entire family can enjoy. The choice that you make to build is a choice that means putting your own wishes first and not having to adapt to someone else’s wishes. When you put your own wants first, you end up building your dream house that you’ve always loved. 


You get to avoid getting into a bidding war

Houses are in a buyers market right now, which means that there is a hotspot wherever you go for homes. When the market is like this, houses sell very quickly, which makes for some fierce competition. Depending on where you live, you might find that land is selling like hotcakes, and if you’re planning to buy you want to get in on that. However, without anything built yet, it’s less likely to mean you enter a bidding war. Finding a house that has every single feature that you want is not easy, and if you do find one, you’re very likely to need to bid back and forth before being approved. Bidding wars are stressful and they can often fall out of your favour – you might not get the house you apply for! Building your own house removes this entire stress from the equation and you can finally just relax a little!


9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A House


It’s going to be ready for you to move in

From choosing built-in appliances to having new carpets put down, you can move into your new house from the moment it’s completed and get involved in setting up the furniture the right way. When you build a house, the cupboards are placed as you want them, the blinds are up and all you have to do is get your stuff inside it to start enjoying it. You don’t have to move in and worry about the DIY not yet finished – or even started – because it’s already been done! You can get started with one huge housewarming party, too, and test out your brand new pantry and kitchen.


You get to add heaps of technology

Once you know what mortgage you can afford and how much house you can build for your money, you get to think about things like technology. Automation has changed the way in which we live, which means that you get the chance to own a home that can do more than you ever expected. Smart homes are the new normal, and they’re far more common as people get used to the convenience of the added safety it can provide. Your house may not be packed with technology from day one, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build with technology and security in mind. You could even end up earning a discount on your homeowners insurance for being smart enough to consider that security is a good thing!


You get the chance to look after the environment

Choosing to be energy efficient in your home is just a smart decision, really. We’re living in a world that is suffering from our constant expansion, and when you care about being energy efficient, you can finally make a big difference. You can shape the way your home is built, and you can add things like rainwater tanks and solar powered energy. These can then power your home, help you to conserve water and give you everything that you need to ensure that your new home is everything you could have dreamed it to be.


9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A House

Staying on trend

Ah, the best bit about getting a mortgage to build your own house – you get to be as trendy as you like. When you work with your contractor and designer, they’re going to be able to help you to customise the house colours and the style of the house. The roof styles that are in fashion right now could be ones that you choose. You could make your home as glamorous as you’ve seen in the magazines from the get go, and you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood when you do.


You know that the building is safe

Building a house today and under your watchful eye means that you’ll know that you are moving your family into a house that is up to scratch – as it should be! You know that nothing has been left that’s “old” or outdated, because you choose every single element of the house. A safe plot of land and a safer building is what you need to be able to feel secure in your new house and building is often the better way to do it!


The cost works for you

As you’ll be the one planning your house, you will know every single cost from the start of the build to the end of it, the costs of moving in, the costs of buying the land – it all adds up. While you understand all the costs, you can tweak it and change things to ensure that you get the outcome you want for your house! You can make a lot of savings when you control the build that you do, and you can start making your dream house come to life when you choose building over buying.


Who else dreams of designing and building their own home?

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A House

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