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You all know that I love vintage and choose it for my home. However, I also love mixing it with modern and vintage style pieces here and there and I know that you sometimes prefer new pieces that remind you of old ones as they are a) more accessable and b) sometimes cheaper and c) in better condition (mostly). Some of you will strongly disagree, but here I am all about choice and the new website I am about to share with you, will make you go weak at the knees when you see all of it’s retro goodness.

Pineapple Retro as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Pineapple Retro is not a new company as I’m sure many of you will know; Sophie has been running it perfectly for many years in a bricks and mortar shop as well as online. Her style is clear – she loves bright, fun, Scandi influenced, flower power plastic that creates a rainbow of vintage lush! I’m sure she will be OK with that description! Last weekend she relaunched with a smaller vintage section than you will be used to, however she has added a truly amazing retro styled collection of homewares and accessories that fit perfectly into her recognisable style. It is like she has chosen all the vintage pieces that she is known for and that she loves and replicated them with modern alternatives. And the best bit…it is really affordable (Eames style rocking chairs for fifty quid no less!)

Pineapple Retro as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog.png

I caught up with Sophie to find out more about the change asking her why she has taken this new leap.

“We’ve not so much changed, but evolved. Having been in the vintage trade for the past 11 years, things aren’t quite what they used to be.

When I started Pineapple Retro, many of the ‘traditional’ antique dealers thought it a bit odd when I staggered across the local car boot sale, laden with the very brightest coloured vintage plastic, and then back a second and third time with equally vibrant vintage clothing finds – all with a big smile on my face!

Pineapple Retro macrame plant pots as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog.png

Back then, that colourful vintage niche existed and very few others were doing it but in recent years it’s become a lot more common amongst fellow traders and sourcing those quality one-off products has been an increasingly challenging task.

The cost of sourcing vintage both in time and money was on the rise and trying to eke out a living from my passion was proving increasingly difficult so the question was, ‘what to do next?”

Pineapple Retro Cathrine Holm coffee pot brooches as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog.png

Tis true, sourcing vintage is bloody hard these days! Everyone is selling it, or collecting it which means there is less out there to buy. I would sometimes spend hours upon hours searching for the perfect pieces that you all love, and often come home with nothing. Not a great business plan (although one I dearly loved!)

“Whilst vintage is a passion of mine, what a lot of people may not realise is that I equally love well designed modern retro homeware just as much and in late 2015 it struck me just how much of it was already in my own home. So, it seemed like a natural progression to start thinking about sourcing colourful, well-designed & affordable modern home ware products instead.

Modern retro ware would allow me to do what vintage alone couldn’t – not just to survive but to thrive. With the new and improved Pineapple Retro, we are aiming to continually expand a hand-picked range, allowing me to bring more of what I’m passionate about to all of you. Great design, colour and affordability.”

So lets get down to what I am craving to buy. Here are some of my favourites including  this fab brooch of their logo (how clever huh?). You best be quick….so many are almost sold out already in the first 4 days!

[easy-image-collage id=17212] [easy-image-collage id=17220]

Now I don’t know about you but I NEED that elephant footstool in my life!

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    Just too stinking cute – all of it – seriously love it all :+)

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