4 Features Your House Should Have For An Elderly Parent

Are you planning on moving your elderly parent into your home to live with you? For many, this is the best option as well as the cheapest. If you are considering this, then it’s important to set up your home in the right way, to ensure is safe for them. Here are some of the key features that you should consider. 


Taking an Ageing Parent Into Your Home: 6 Vital Considerations


Stair lift 

First, you may want to consider installing a stairlift in your home. A stair lift will be useful if an elderly parent has issues with mobility. Even if these problems aren’t severe a stairlift could still be recommended. Climbing up and downstairs each day will put a lot of pressure on bones and joints. Installing a stairlift will ensure that you can provide the relief that your elderly parent may need. These can also be installed outside if you have stairs leading down to your backyard. 


Safety Handles


Elderly people can get confused and have issues with balance. This can be due to mobility issues or even dementia. The confusion is why it’s important to have safety handles on areas like kitchen cupboards. This can stop them from getting hold of something that could be dangerous in their confused state. 


4 Features Your House Should Have For An Elderly Parent




Next, you should make sure that you have railings set up around your home. The most vital area where you need railings will be the bathroom. The majority of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom and it’s not hard to understand why. If the floor is wet then it can be slippery. Even if it’s not, it’s easy to trip and fall when you are getting out of the bath. This happens to both young and old people. Railings can help give someone the extra support they need. Of course, even with railings an accident like this could still occur. That’s why you should also have training in CPR if you have an elderly person living with you. Services like MyCPR Now can help you here and ensure that you know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. 


Ergonomic Bed 


Finally, if your elderly parents are living with you, then you should consider investing in the right bed. There are suppliers that sell hospital style beds for home use. These are great if you are worried about your elderly parent getting out of bed at night without access to the right support. However, you will need to ensure that you have the right setup to ensure you are alerted if they are in need of help. You can also get adjustable beds which will be ideal for elderly individuals who are experiencing issues with chronic pain or problems with mobility. 


As you can see, there are various features that could be important for your home if you are living with an elderly parent. Installing these features will help keep them safe and ensure that they have the best support possible. 


4 Features Your House Should Have For An Elderly Parent


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