K: Kathie Winkle

Last week we were in love with Jessie Tait (well, we still are!) but this week we have moved forward a decade. We love Kathie Winkle’s designs also on ceramics.


Kathie started her career as a painter (or a paintress as was called then) at Broadhurst in 1950. However, it took until 1958 for her to start designing her own patterns. She stayed with them until the 1970s, and she produced over 100 eye catching designs.

All are signed on the base so can be easily found.

The ceramics were all the same shape in white…in fact quite plain. She designed geometric patterns in simple colour ways; usually only about 3 to save money. At one point she even designed matching linen although I must say I havent seen any.

As production methods changed in the 1970s, there wasnt a need for painters as machines took the strain. This meant that artists like Kathie were almost redundant.


This is Romany and were the first plates by Kathie that we bought. I love the red and green colours on this one.


This is Rushtone


This is Viscount


This one is Compass.


This one is Calypso.

This fab sugar bowl is available to buy from yay retro! 

There are so many more…well at least 94 to be exact! Do you collect her designs? What’s your favourite?



I love

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