Vintage Styling

I think that the vintage look can sometimes be a hard to style and get right. I hear people saying that they find it difficult and don’t want to look old fashioned or like their mum. However, once you get it right you will stand out from the crowd! Here are a few top tips to help you get the look right.

    • It is key to get the fit of the clothes right. Often vintage pieces are a different cut to what we are used to seeing today, this may mean that you may have to tailor your piece to fit you and your shape. Try and stick to pieces that are fitted at the waist with a flowing knee length skirt as these are often the most flattering. When buying online check the measurements rather than the size. Measure an item of your own for your measurements rather than your body.

vintage fashion

A nipped in waist is so flattering

Patterns are also great for achieving the vintage look, pretty floral and tropical prints work especially well.  If flowers arent your thing then choose a trusty check.

vintage fashion

My favourite printed vintage dress

    • Mix the old with the new. Fashion is all about personal statement pieces and having fun with what you wear. Mixing the vintage with the modern you will appear effortlessly chic and give a different, fresh twist to the look.


    • The ‘vintage’ look can be quite a bold look so you need to be willing to take risks. Most of us will admit to having unsuccessful outfits, if this happens laugh it off and make sure that you get it right next time.


    • Remember to accessorise.  Hair pieces, classic handbags and heeled shoes are great ways to add a touch of vintage glamour. I often find that vintage shoes aren’t made to fit modern feet so usually have to find alternative vintage inspired footwear. They are my favourite accessory, everyone has to wear them so take the time to find the right ones.

vintage fashion

Most of all, have fun! Fashion  should make you feel good, so be brave and get some vintage in your life!





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