I love Salt-Water Sandals (and so does my daughter)!

I’ve wanted to get a pair of Salt-Water sandals for ages but I have so many shoes that I have tried to hold back. Until now that is! I broke my foot at the start of May which has meant that I am not wearing any clogs or heels for the forseeable future (it still hurts!) and once the plaster came off, I decided to buy a pair. Except, true to form I didn’t buy just one pair but bought three!

I love Salt-Water Sandals by Kate Beavis.com

But before my husband kills me despairs, one pair was for my daughter Kitty (aged 6) and one for my son Herbie (aged 8).

I chose the classic white Salt-Water Sandals as I felt that they would match everything, plus I love white in summer. I chose bright patent yellow ones for Kitty as they are so bright and fun. And I got Herbie a brown pair of Surfer Tans.

I love Salt-Water Sandals by Kate Beavis.com

I love them! They are so comfy and go with everything (I haven’t worn anything else since they arrived!). I love the yellow ones (and secretly want a pair!) but sent back Herbie’s as felt they were too feminine even though they are unisex. (The straps need to be chunkier I feel – they narrow in the centre making them quite feminine which isn’t a problem to a little boy but to a 8-9 year old it is!)

I love Salt-Water Sandals by Kate Beavis.com

I love Salt-Water Sandals by Kate Beavis.com

Salt-Water Sandals have been making shoes since the 1940s, and were made from scrap leather left over from making men’s military boots during the war. Due to rationing there was a leather shortage, so it was prioritised for soldiers uniforms rather than women’s shoes. But luckily for us, they are still making them today, all based on the original designs. And not only do they look fab, they are also waterproof making them the perfect summer shoes (with all this rain!)

I love Salt-Water Sandals by Kate Beavis.com

Mega thanks to Sharon Cooper Photography for these fab images!

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