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Last week was a bad week for all of us in the Your Vintage Life house. So to cheer me up my beautiful friend Sarah bought me a book, from Poundland. From Poundland I hear you say! Yep……..

It was this fab best of Cosmopolitan magazine book…packed with retro hilarity, with  informative articles from the 1970s and 1980s. Now I’m not really a Cosmo girl but after reading some of these articles I clearly have been missing out.

vintage fashion

We LOVE Farrah on the cover.

Vintage fashion

And we really LOVE the previous covers especially Debbie Harry (swoon) and Liz Taylor.

There are great celebs in vintage/retro 70s fashion…check out Cilla here. We love this stylish vintage  3 piece tailored suit.

And some interesting yet slightly scary retro 1980s home features.

1980s vintage retro home style


But today the one I thought I would share to upcycle an old vintage fox fur stole into a handbag. Yes that’s right, a foxy handbag.

The article reads as follows:

Frederick’s New Look

Frederick the Fox turned up at Cosmo the other day disguised as a handbag and found himself the centre of attraction. If you want to copy , hunt around the junkshops for one of those fox stoles that Auntie Minnie used to snap around her shoulders – this one cost 3-10 in the Paris flea market. Cut off the tail, front legs and snap fastening at the jaw and neaten off the lining. Fold the tail end round to meet the head just behind the ears and sew in two pieces of suede to make side gussets. Thread cord through each gusset for handle.

I’m sorry but I am just not rocking this idea! Cutting an old fox up just isn’t my thing!

What do you reckon?


I love

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