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On Saturday night we finally found our record collection. We love our music and enjoy a good night of playing it loud!

Our tastes are very eclectic…..Mr YVL loves old Indian sitar music and a whole load of funky soul. I love rock music but also can enjoy some 80s pop.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites..although this list is not by any means exhaustive! I love the covers too. In fact, there’s nothing better than pulling out your vinyl and moving the arm across to get the correct groove…..waiting for the crackle, then an amazing tune!

First up is the amazing Debbie Harry and Blondie. She is, without doubt my style icon (I have had bleach blonde hair since my early teens) a man’s punk world she rocked yet also looked amazing, even in a bin bag! I collect their records always looking out for rare covers and singles. I love her outfit on this cover!

My mum introduced me to them, I remember buying her albums for her for Christmas and 30 years on here we are!

I was lucky to have a mum with also an eclectic music taste. She loved Bowie and Roxy Music,  but also disco (Donna Summer) with a bit of hippy thrown in (Joni Mitchel). This is one of my favourite Bowie records and the gatefold image is amazing! Ziggy Stardust was revolutionary: he showed a generation of men it was ok to dress up and be yourself.

She also introduced me to Barbara Streisand. Guilty is  one of my top 5 records and would be one of my desert island discs. Amazing to think this rocker would love this record. I love every song and it takes me back to my childhood in an instant.

Lets fast forward to my early teens when I was a goth. Interesting that most vintage gals started their love of fashion by wearing purple striped tights and a tonne of black make up. I loved the Jesus and Mary Chain, and this album reminds me of a time of hanging out in Bedford with my mates..all dressed the same!

Other favourites of the time were The Smiths (genius) and The Cure (double genius)

But my roots were always in pop! I loved Duran Duran like they were my gods…their pictures covered my entire 4 walls. I loved Nick Rhodes…men in make up having an impact on me as young as 11!

We went to see them in the late 80s when we were in our goth stage….we were in the front row. Possibly one of the best moments ever!

A bit of a u turn now. The Beatles Sargeant Pepper is another favourite. This is an original copy with the cut out figures still in tact inside. This is a bitter sweet album for me. My first love committed suicide in 1989 and this reminds me of him so much…..but it’s a stunner of an album. Alas I can hardly bring myself to listen to it..but after a few wines……

Onto a happier note…the Wonderstuff makes me smile from ear to ear. It reminds me of the early 90s, travelling round everywhere to see them and dancing the night away.

I love Off The Wall by Michael Jackson, so much better than Thriller in my humble opinion.

I love Sonic Youth…such an influential band..without them we wouldn’t have had Nirvana, and without Nirvana we wouldn’t have most of the rock music since. I wanted to be Kim Gordon for so long..another woman with great talent, rocking out.

Then there’s The Jam. I remember as a child not getting them, they always went straight in at number 1 but I hadn’t even heard the track. I now know why..they were bloody brilliant!

Lou Reed’s Transformer reminds me of my 6th Form. It was released ages before but I discovered it in the late 80s. He was such a wordsmith…..Walk on the Wild Side has been over played since but it’s still a great track.

Now over to Kate Bush. She is without doubt legendary. Florence Welch has clearly been influenced by her. “The man with the child in his eyes” is one of all time favourite records…so beautiful, so sad.

So in late 80s I shaved my hair (not totally off), donned my army boots and fell in love with the angst of Sinead O’Connor. Never before  had I felt that words on an album related to my feelings (teenagers huh!)

Then there’s Adam Ant…he played recently in Bedford but I couldnt bear to see the former man how he is now. He was a style genius and such a dandy highway man (that you’re too scared to mention)

Early U2 is utterly brilliant. Out of a troubled Ireland, Bono and his band emerged with raw truth and raw talent. How many of you remember him pulling those girls out of the crowd at Live Aid and wishing it was you? I ask anyone who thinks they are all about giant lemons and silly sunglasses to listen to October, War and Under a Blood Red Sky and appreciate they were one of the best bands in the world.

And I end with another stunner. Portishead’s Dummy is on the soundtrack of my life. It was on when I realised I had fallen in love with Mr YVL and it was playing as Herbie came into the world. Stunning, haunting vocals over a mid 90s bass line.

Gosh, even my music taste is vintage x


I love


  1. 11 October 2011 / 7:13 am

    How amazing that you still have these. I absolutely love Debbie Harry. I still watch Blondie quite a lot on You Tube, I love that way she looks with attitude down the camera. She had such a presence. Wha ever this X factor is people seek then I’m sure she had it. I went to see her at an open air concert a few years ago and security threatened to pick me up and remove me!! Why? Was I drunk and disorderly?

    No! I was taking pictures, yes I had an SLR but not with a paparazzi massive lens and I wasn’t near the front so I wasn’t going professional pictures. (Even if I’d been inches away pro shots still wouldn’t have happened!) I’m singing and snapping away and the crowd parts like moses has arrived and a gigantic beast of a man in the form of a six and a half foot (plus) security guard starts having a go. I protest politely trying to explain it’s just a camera and that people at the front with compact zooms would get more professional style pics than me but he was having none of it. I’m only just over five feet tall and I still remember him looming over me. If he’d have carried out with his threat to remove me he could put me under his arm like a poodle! I was furious. Oh I think I still might be a bit miffed judging by this wordy reply……..still that might be the most rock and roll thing that ever happens to me! ;O) Oh and there were loads of people with SLR’S there clicking the night away and being left in peace. Grrrrr. I still love Debbie Harry though. Always. x

    • 11 October 2011 / 7:18 am

      Ha ha ha! I saw her this year she looked amazing but she had orthopaedic looking shoes on which upset me! Wish I had seen them back in the day! Thanks for yr great comments! Yr obviously still sore!! X

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