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retrp wallpaper

A while back we wrote about the fabulous FiFi wallpaper which we chose for a feature wall in our bedroom. It is a reproduction of a 1950s design by Sanderson. The story goes that someone found it in a loft and they had actually forgotten that it ever existed.

It is hand drawn sketches of ladies in the New Look fashion shapes of the day with splashes of purple and green printed on top.

vintage wallpaper

Then a few weeks back we were checking out furniture in a house we were invited to clear and we had a coincidental find. On opening the drawers of a bedroom chest, the original FiFi wallpaper was lining the bottom. This had been on the walls of the daughters rooms in the 1950s and an off cut was used as a lining.

I was very excited!!! They thought I was a little mad!


I brought it home and framed it; it now hangs proudly alongside the new version.

This is a great idea for off cuts of vintage and retro wallpaper. Often these were used as liners and they make a fun wall hanging now.

Alternatively why not line your cupboards like in years gone by? Every time you open them the patterns will make you smile!

retro wallpaper

It appears I am not the only person loving a bit of vintage wallpaper. TK Maxx have used great designs to backdrop their Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Which one is your favourite?

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

retro wallpaper

Images courtesy of TK Maxx Media Centre

Tomorrows blog features 10 of the Best vintage wallpapers available to buy right now!

p.s. For more styling tips my new book ” Style your modern vintage home” is available for pre-order now!


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  1. 8 April 2013 / 9:41 am

    I’m going to put on my Real Green Dress plastic conservator’s hat and say if you are using old vinyl wallpaper it should be be kept cool, dry, dark and ventilated. So if you are framing it, leave a good air gap and don’t hang it over a fire or radiator or in bright sunlight. Also the ready pasted stuff often contained formaldehyde in the paste so proceed with caution and at least a pair of gloves (disposable not vintage crochet!). Erica.

    • Your vintage life
      8 April 2013 / 10:50 am

      Thanks for the advice, it’s appreciated. I watched the Victorian deadly programme last week about arsenic in the green wallpaper…I will update with your words and a link x

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