Restoration Tip: 1960s Teak

Vintage teak looks lovely in a mid century home, but boy is it prone to scratches! If it’s teak veneer or solid afromosa, scratches leave a lighter line which can stand out.

So here’s how to blend it in seconds. Of course, if there is other damage you will need to do more but this is perfect for those quick remedy moments!


Scratch Cover! It is made by Rustins or Topps and comes in three different shades.

Dab a bit on an old rag (we use our kids old clothes) and slowly, gently rub into the scratched area in circular movements. Leave for a few seconds and buff with a clean cloth. Here is a before picture of the side of our teak kidney shaped tripod legged table. Not a great picture but you can see the light nicks to the wood.

Be careful with your shade…if you go too dark the light lark will be darker which can stand out more than the light mark.

Afterwards, you can see the nicks have gone.

Note: this is for scratches only. If it’s very deep or has other damage you will need to sand down and re-oil. Always seek professional advice first.



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