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It’s always a funny week between Christmas and New Year. The presents and food still seem to be flowing, the house is in chaos and the prospect of work seems a chore.

Our celebrations continued with different family and friends coming over for more dinner. We got the crystal back out and re-ironed the vintage linen!

vintage dinner table 2

We got yet more orange presents: the toaster to match the kettle and a Le Creuset casserole pot. Anyone would think we have an orange obsession!

orange toaster

orange le creuset

Monday we went into work as we had 25 parcels to wrap! Thankfully mainly clothing from our sale as this is so much easier to wrap!

When new year came I was desperate for a healthy kick start. We had a low key NYE but enjoyed a glass of fizz and listened to loud music!

vintage xmas tree clock

The presents kept coming though with this retro sweet dispenser we bought you the children (and us!) It will be out on display all year as it’s so fun, and of course the children love jelly beans!

retro vintage sweet dispenser

The 1st of January arrived and I started the day with detox water, still in the crystal.

detox water

We ate sushi (shop bought) but also bought the raw ingedients to make more. I can see a fun sushi rolling session with the children coming on!



sushi ingredients

I also launched my new website on the 1st. New year, new start and all that. Katebeavis.com is a showcase of my writing work so it is easier to find for anyone searching for me and to give me more work ha ha!

Kate Beavis Logo

We are really looking forward to the year ahead…Happy New Year to everyone x



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