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We totally fell in love with Swatch while writing the book last year. It totally sums up the 1980s style with it’s bright colours and fun design.

“In 1983, a revolution in watches hit our high streets called Swatch. Designed to be your second watch, they were plastic, colourful and affordable. They quickly became a must have fashion accessory with people wearing three at a time or even popping the face out to wear as badges. Swatch soon designed other products to build on their successful brand such as hair watches, telephones and the giant wall clock.

At a staggering 2.1 metres the Swatch clock certainly was eye catching. With its bright colour, Swiss mechanism and fun style it was a must for a teenage bedroom in the early 1990s.”

-Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Swatch wall clock

photo by Simon Whitmore for FW Media

We also love Pop Swatches! I bought one last year for Adam for his birthday as it was the only watch he had ever owned back in the 1990s. He totally loves it, so much so, that I now want one!

pop swatch

Even the adverts are cool!

swatch advert retro 1980s

And the best news…their new range is totally fab! Based around sweets, they are kitsch enough to wear with your 50s vintage frock!

swatch candy

swatch sweets 2

swatch sweeties

oh and I am officially in NEED of this one!

swatch sweets 3

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  1. Jane Dawson
    1 May 2014 / 8:57 am

    From 1988 I used to buy one every holiday at the airport or if in Spain! Still have them all

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