Kitty’s vintage nursery

For those who regularly follow the blog , you will know we are renovating a 1920s house. It will become our family forever home and it is definitely proving to be a mammoth job! For anyone new to us read all about it here.

The next room to be done is our little girl Kitty’s bedroom. At last, I can go all pretty and vintage! The rest of the house is filled with mid century furniture but a lot of it is quite masculine and I’m in need of a girlie fix!

So here’s where we are up to. Her bedroom comes with amazing 1960s wallpaper that we will keep on one wall. When I posted the first blog on the house, you all told me that you absolutely loved her wallpaper so it’s staying.

She also has a cute 1920s bedroom fireplace which of course will stay. Here it is featured in the Christmas edition of Vintage Life magazine.

She has lots of vintage toys and dolls to adorn the floor and shelves. Again they featured in the same magazine!

She had a lovely ottoman but mummy sold it! (Bad mummy!..a customer wanted 2 and to fulfill her needs I sold my baby girls one!) So I am on the look out for another one as they are great for storing toys in.

Then a few weeks back at a vintage fair in York, this piece of fabric caught my eye. It has cute images on in similar colours to the wallpaper. And, it has a tortoise on that looks very familiar.

For Christmas we bought her a soft toy made from 1960s fabric which sits in her cot. They almost match.

The fabric is modern and is 100% cotton. It is called  Mitsy Mouse and made by Prestigious textiles. I think it is so cute and will make great roman blinds..or cushions….not sure which at this moment.


Can’t wait to get started and will let you know what it looks like when it is finished.


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