How to plan for the perfect autumn & Christmas

As the rain comes down and the weather turns chilly and brisk, it is easy to forget that we are still only in early September and may indeed have 6 more weeks of warm (ish!) weather before the season truly turns to autumn. Today was particularly miserable outside, and so I had a chance to sit down with a cup of hot lemon and start to think about the last quarter of the year, a season that I have always enjoyed. And then I started to panic, as I realised that the Christmas is coming, and some financial planning is in order!

While the autumn and winter months leading up to Christmas time are always a blast, they can be extremely costly, and I want to make sure that I am on top of my to do list when it comes to spending (so that I have money left over for a few cute vintage dresses, of course!). I know a lot of my readers will be thinking the same way, and so that is why I am keen to share my own personal list of things to consider as the weather gets colder and we head into autumn.

A vintage christmas dinner table by Kate Beavis

Back to school 

Ahhh, every parent’s favourite time of year! The little ones are back off to the classroom and out from under our feet. Don’t get me wrong – I love having my kids around, but with September comes the new school year and a chance for things to get back to normal. While it’s a nice time for parents to relax, it also means that school supplies, new uniforms and after school clubs and school dinners will all need to be budgeted for.


Christmas home preparation

What can I say: I love Christmas! A festive home filled with warm smells of cinnamon and baking, an all out decorating spree and an cupboard filled with yummy treats – what’s not to love? Except the cost, that is… The cost of kitting out my home with food and bubbling booze (for everyone else this year!) is always higher than I plan for, and so this year I am determined to get ahead of the debt! And remember that going vintage with your decorations will save some money too!

A vintage christmas dinner table by Kate Beavis

Christmas presents

I love giving thoughtful, beautiful gifts, but my wallet does not always love me for it! This year I plan to give a few well-planned, meaningful gifts to my family and kids, and also to make donations to causes in need at this time of year.

vintage christmas presents in vintage wrapping paper as featured on Kate Beavis blog

New Year’s Eve!

Any excuse to buy a new outfit is a good one, I say! Of course, the costs add up even if you buy vintage: babysitting is extortionate on New Year’s Eve, tickets to an event and taxis – NYE needs to be a line item in my budget.

These are just the first things that I can think of right now – of course, many more unexpected costs will make themselves known as the months progress! I recently got my Experian credit report in order to make sure that I had no other unpaid debts that had escaped my attention, and I am in the clear. Time to start saving and keeping my finances in order for Christmas!

Any other things you guys are saving for? What do you plan to spend money on this autumn? I’d love to hear more about it in the comment section below.

Kate x

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