How do you value your vintage possessions?

I have recently been asked how I value my vintage things? Well I believe that there are two ways to value them: financially and sentimentally.

The clever people at Legal and General have written an interesting article on how much people value their possessions, and have asked me to consider what in my home I value and how I value it. So I thought I’d share my bedroom which we recently decorated and share with you the items that are particularly valuable to me.

So my bedroom looks like this. It is a mix of modern with vintage late 1950s/early 1960s things inside. The colours are grey with aubergine and green highlighted by the Sanderson wallpaper.

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroomThere are items here that are worth more than others such as this 1960s lamp. This is worth more than say, the medicine bottles but is it worth more to me? Well the purple bottle was one of the first vintage items I bought and even though the stopper has smashed at the back, leaving it worthless, it is pretty special to me. (The stopper broke in a glass accident a few years back when I leant on a glass table and everything feel off it!)

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroomLook at the rest of the items on my bedside table. The photo of my Grandpa Jack and myself circa 1975 is one of my most precious belongings as it is one of the very few photos I have of him. Therefore, it is priceless and cannot be replaced by any contents insurance.

Kate Beavis vintage brooch bouquet Vintage BedroomNow I would be devastated if I lost my wedding bouquet made from 1960s enamel vintage brooches. This could not be replaced in any way so is super special and sits out on the top of my cocktail cabinet which houses my vintage bag collection. I love the rest of the glass that is here but there is no way it is as valuable to me as the bouquet. Yes even that 1950s Holmgaard bowl doesn’t compare.

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroomKate Beavis Vintage BedroomThese cute ceramic bunnies (or are they hares?) have been in my life,  my whole life. My mum brought them back from the Dresden factory in East Berlin while in the RAF. She went through Checkpoint Charlie back in 1969 and we have had them in our home ever since. One has had its ear mended but this still doesn’t devalue it to me. I have no idea of their financial value but this is irrelevant. Also on our chest of drawers, are more frames which also mean a lot to me. The footprint was our sons and the bluebells were picked when I was proposed to, in the middle of a bluebell wood. Priceless.

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

My Poole Pottery large ceramic urn means so much to me for many reasons. Firstly it is beautiful, it is a great size and most importantly, was owned by my Grandma. This design has been produced since the 1930s but this one is later. I am always so worried about it breaking so it sits here out of my children’s way!

Poole Pottery deer vase as featured on Kate Beavis vintage blog

There are so many more sentimental valuable here, in this vintage case packed full of our wedding bits and bobs.

Vintage suitcases on Kate Beavis Vintage Blog

Then these handbags which belonged to my mum in the 1960s. The black beaded one I used on my first date with my husband so is extra special. They aren’t worth anything financially especially compared to my 1950s lucite bags, I hardly use them but they are still special.

vintage handbags from 1960s as seen on Kate Beavis vintage home blog

Then there are my vintage handbags hanging on my wall. Which one would I save in a fire? Which is the most valuable?

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

Well to be honest I wouldn’t save any of them in a fire. The only thing I would save (apart from my family of course) is Blue Ted. 43 years old, he sits on this 1950s chair at the end of the room. The chair is worth more than him, but  not to me.

Vintage teddy bear from Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog sitting on a 1950s tub chair

Kate x

p.s. I have been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog award which is amazing…I am so chuffed! If you like my blog, be a love and pop over and give me a vote! You can find my voting page HERE.


p.p.s Like my bedroom? Then check out my spare room!!



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