Get The Look: Vintage Walls

Today’s Get The Look features our home and our love of hanging things on the walls. Plates, plaques, prints, mirrors, fabricĀ and even handbags all adorn our walls.

The Lounge is a mixture of teal and red with retro prints that match. We have 2 Picasso prints also which work well with the space.

our vintage home Picasso 70s print

our vintage home retro pictures

The Kitchen/Diner is a white room with white floor and tiles so the splashes of red, orange and green work well. We love our Midwinter plates and feel they are a work of art so should be out on display. The fabric is David Whitehead which we found in my late aunt’s house.

our vintage home kitchen plates on wall

our vintage home vintage material framed

our vintage home Flint plate

our vintage home flying birds

our vintage home 1950s plates on wall

The Playroom is a riot of colour and retro games so this giant watch clock matches perfectly. The Lichtenstein comic style print adds to the chaos!!

our vintage home retro watch clock

The Utility Room is a functional space so these 1950s washing powder adverts add a bit of humour to my washing pile!

our vintage home 50s cleaning adverts on wall

The Hallway has 2 giant pictures on the wall. The Mucha mirror was imported and sold through my parents business in the mid 70s and has been with me every since. The blue Mucha print was Adam’s before we met so now the two live together (like us!)

our vintage home Mucha prints

The Landing has 3 starburst clocks on the end wall. This was done for my book but has stayed here ever since. None of them are set to the right time much to most peoples annoyance!!

our vintage home starburst clocks

Kitty’s room is super pretty and has original 1960s wallpaper on the wall. She has 2 of these 1940s school room prints in simple Ikea frames. The vintage mirror was found at a car boot sale.

our vintage home nursery prints

our vintage home vintage mirror

Our bedroom is a mix of 1950s handbags and 1950s magazine covers which team up perfectly with our Sanderson 1950s wallpaper.

our vintage home 1950s magazine covers on wall

our vintage home vintage bags on wallsAs you can see no wall is left bare and all the other walls have vintage wallpaper on. The only rooms not photographed are Herbie’s bedroom which needs re-decorating and the bathroom which needs a total renovation.

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