Vintage Fisher Price Toys To Take You Back

“In the late 1960s robust plastic toys made by Fisher Price became popular. A favourite is the record player with lullaby records: turn the winder, move the stylus and listen to nursery rhymes. These are simple, mechanical and importantly, still working today. They also produced a telephone, radio and TV; still replicating the grown up toys just as a decade earlier. Imaginative play was the key focus with the airport, garage and school house. They’re not just for older children either: the Happy Apple, chime ball and cot activity centre stimulate early senses and are perfect for a nursery.” Style Your Modern Vintage Home

vintage fisher price toys

I love them so much that they have influenced my pins in Vintage Pin Club. (There are only a few dogs left by the way!)

Vintage Pin Club dog toy pin

vintage pin club - phone

vintage fisher price toys

Which is your favourite and which should I make next?

happy apple vintage fisher price toy



I love

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