My 10 favourite fashion and home vintage blogs

I have now been blogging for almost 7 years (wow!) and in that time I have seen blogs come and go. It takes real commitment to blog and to keep it fresh, to keep evolving while still captivating your audience. But there are some that have stayed the test of time and are as inspiring today as they ever were. So I thought I would share 10 of my favourite vintage blogs so you can go and find them too if you haven’t already.


Kate Beavis's Top 10 Vintage Blogs


H is for Home

H is for Home is one of my favourite UK vintage blogs – run by Justin and Adelle. Their love of all things mid-century, with Scandi influences and the colour orange, is something that we have in common. I love this blog for a number of reasons, mainly its photography. They capture the designs in an eye-catching way and basically make me want to go out shopping. The content ranges from interviews, book reviews, and informative posts about designers and interior design must-haves. But when you add their baking posts into the mix they really win. They make me want to bake. I cannot bake. So I just go out and buy more cookware…go see!

Oh, and their home is featured in my book which you can buy here!


Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation is a US blog – no it is actually an encyclopedia of knowledge about design from the 20th century. This is a must-read for anyone doing up their house or dreaming about doing so. It shares homes already restored, original kitchens and bathrooms and where to buy those little details that finish the vintage look like handles and chair legs. This is one of the vintage blogs that I wish I had created.


Vintage Frills

Vintage Frills is written by Catherine Beck and shares her vintage wardrobe as well as baking and cocktail making. What I love about what Catherine does is that she takes original recipes from vintage cookbooks and makes them for us – while styling them in an inspiring way. More sites that make me want to bake. I cannot bake. Oh well….. She is also the must go-to gal to tell us about the latest vintage reproduction look, providing us with her honest reviews.


Sammy D Vintage

Another American blog, Sammy D Vintage is not only inspiring but a really informative vintage blog. I look to the blog for advice on caring for fashion and how to wear it in an accessible way. I found this site when she shared a 1990s vintage fashion blog written by moi, and I have avidly followed it ever since. With posts like 21 Reasons to wear 1940s vintage – what’s not to love?


My Vintage Vogue

My Vintage Vogue is an archive of vintage fashion so a must read website for all vintage fashion fans. They share original photos from the early 20th century which educate without words.


Retro Chick

I have been a fan of Gemma, aka Retro Chick, for years. She writes about her life in a way that makes me want to drive up to Norfolk and join her! Her posts are a mixture of lifestyle, vintage fashion reviews with some really inspiring features such as promoting better sizing in women’s clothing as well as advocating all the great vintage events in Norwich.


Vintage Gal

Vintage Gal is pretty new to me.I love all the fashion and crafting with a 1930s feel that the blog is full of – think articles sharing her dressmaking following vintage patterns (serious sewing envy!), 1930s fashion and reviews of vintage events across the UK.

Being a vintage hottie requires a lot of accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, etc. Another special accessory is the custom patches, which can be matched with different styles of clothes and bags by designing the patterns on them yourself. As a vintage girl, it’s cool to have your own customised patches on your clothes.


Chronically Vintage

I want you all to go and read this blog. Written by Jessica, she has recently announced that she is retiring from the blog after a life-changing event but the content will stay alive thankfully. She has over 1000 posts sharing her authentic vintage look which is so inspiring as is she.


Dawn O’Porter’s “Get It On” podcast

OK so this isn’t a blog but it is my new best friend! We all know Dawn for her vintage shop BOB and her TV show This Old Thing (read my interview with her here) but did she know she now hosts a successful podcast? She discusses with well-known people (Think Jo Whiley and Gemma Kearny) what style is and how fashion makes us feel. It is not just about vintage, with much of it not in fact, but it reminds us throughout to be ourselves and to rock our look, whatever that may be


The Vintage Wedding Fair

OK, so I am being a bit cheeky here as this is my other blog but I have tried hard over the years to make this a go-to place for vintage wedding pieces so wanted to share it with you. I write about more general wedding ideas and advice but what I am most proud of is the content about original vintage wedding dresses. It is going through a rebrand at the moment but never fear – I will write about vintage weddings forever!


Happy Reading all these vintage blogs!



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