From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum

Between volunteering in your children’s school, chaperoning them to a wide array of after-school activities, attending community events, and managing the household, modern mums of young children like you are busier than ever. You’re often the first one up every morning and the last one to bed, juggling numerous tasks and going to different places so you can ensure that your family is well and happy. Because much of your time is spent doing one activity after another, you probably need ideas to keep your daily wardrobe rotation stylish with minimal effort. I also hear from women who lose their identity at this time, due to being a mum, having no time and so often is the case, putting yourself second or even third.  If that’s the case, read on for some fashion tips.


From selecting go-to pieces to accessorising, this article will give you practical fashion tips to dress up in ways that make you look and feel good. Use this as a guide (as I always say you should wear what you love), whether you’re carrying out your usual routine or attending events. After all, you deserve to feel good as you’re doing such a hard job!


From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum


Invest in Clothing Staples

To keep your everyday style on point, you need to fill your closet with classic and versatile pieces. Rather than following trends, you can readily mix and match these garments and wear them in different ways to create stylish ensembles that suit various occasions. With quality clothing staples and buying what you love, dressing up can be fun, effortless, and less time-consuming, as you have the right pieces to work with for putting together flattering outfits. Same goes for jewellery; I love to have a few key jewellery pieces including a statement ring and gold necklace that I wear most days.


A white button-down shirt, a beige cashmere sweater, a black t-shirt, and a black cardigan are a few staple tops you may want to consider, as they go well with most bottoms and are easy to style. I often wear a plain staple top and then have more fun on the bottom half! As for bottoms, you can go for an A-line skirt, dressy trousers, or the ultimate mum trousers —jean leggings 


Jean or denim leggings are stretchy, ultra-comfy, and easy to dress up or down, making them an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear them with a classic white button-down shirt and a pair of pointy flats or low heels to create a chic and polished look for meeting your friends for coffee or attending school functions. Do you need to squeeze in shopping afterwards? Simply change into sneakers to transform your ensemble from elevated to laid-back (but not sloppy), and you’re all set to cross off all the items on your list. 


From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum

Keep Your Wardrobe Neutral

Opt for neutral colours, such as black, grey, beige, and navy, when investing in staple pieces. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time selecting and trying out different colour combinations to see which one looks great on you.  They then can work with any other colour or pattern.


Clothes in neutral shades generally pair well with all sorts of accessories and other fashion elements. As such, pairing tops and bottoms that complement each other and building stylish outfits for your scheduled activities will be easier and hassle-free. Imagine how much time you can save getting dressed in the morning when practically everything in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched effortlessly. 


From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum


Learn to Accessorise


Accessorising is perhaps the easiest way to elevate any outfit, create different looks, and refresh your favourite pieces. Let’s say you’re about to head out to run an errand wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, and you suddenly remember that you need to pick up your child from ballet class. Instead of changing into a more stylish outfit and wasting precious time, you can wear a statement necklace or earrings to transform your look. Draping a colourful scarf around your neck is another option to turn your plain shirt into something fabulous. 


IInvest in quality accessories, such as a stunning piece of tanzanite earrings, leather bags, belts, and elegant watches, and learn how to use them in your favour. As a general rule, you want to maintain balance when accessorising to create a polished appearance. That means you should avoid wearing too many pieces all at once and combining bold accessories with printed and patterned outfits. Just remember that when accessorising, you need to take proper care of your jewellery or hygiene especially when it comes to earrings. Many people with unique styles tend to look up how to get rid of the cheese smell behind their ears after wearing earrings for a long time. So, keep that in mind and spice up your style!



From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum


When in Doubt, Wear a Dress

This is my mantra! Can’t decide what to wear? You can never go wrong with wearing a dress. Aside from being comfortable, dresses are versatile and easy to style. You don’t even have to think about matching colours or pieces together (which is why I live in them!). Because they come in one piece, all you have to do is put them on, choose the right shoes for your activity for the day, and you’re done.  


Consider investing in wrap dresses, as they are easy to wear. Buy one in black and another with dainty prints for variation. Pair a checkered wrap dress with a denim jacket and sneakers for casual events like watching your child’s football game. Wear the black piece with a pair of pointy heels to create a more sexy ensemble that’s perfect for date nights with your partner.


Remember, your clothes are not a mere body covering but a reflection of who you are. Have fun with these fashion tips, and try to find time to feel like you again.


From Playground To PTA: Fashion Tips For The Modern Mum





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