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Over the last 2 years there has been a lot of debate as to whether the 1980s is vintage. Last year, vintage fans recoiled in horror at the thought that the early 90s is beginning to be also classed as vintage also. Some call it retro.

For me, whether it’s vintage, retro or merely second-hand I can’t quite believe the trends from this decade are now in fashion and being worn by many a young thing. I’m starting to sound old but as I was at uni during the early 90s I can clearly say I was there and wore the T shirt…literally.

Well, here at Your Vintage Life, we embrace the look, It’s fashion after all, and if Topshop is doing it then so can we (at a much more affordable price I hasten to add).

Late last year we wrote a blog discussing the key trends and who influenced them which has been so well read. (Check it out here). Here are excerpts and amazing images from a copy of The Face magazine dated January 1993. It’s looking back at 1992 and includes this article reviewing the key looks from the year.


So, if you don’t really understand early 90s fashion here is their guide called “Call the Fashion Police – the looks of 1992, what’s yours called”. It’s a tongue in cheek look back, written by Ashley Heath and Gavin Hills. The fab illustrations are by the very talented Jason Brooks.

The first key look is called Riveting Ronnie. According to The Face she will “bore the (Levis Big E) pants off you”.


Her essentials are “top to toe dark indigo denim (must be vintage Lee, Levi’s or Wrangler), seventies tight T-shirts, key chain, Patrick Cox crocodile skin loafers, expensive non bleaching washing powder.” So our first look is actually vintage!

Her favourite saying is “Hey! Has that skirt/top/feather boa got a selvage?”. So was this you back then? is this you now? It wasn’t me!


The next is called Pukka Man. “He’s got the railroad blues”. He wears “workwear


I love

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