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It has been a great vintage loving week again remembering all the we loved when we were younger!  All the photos were posted on the Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys added some great comments.

Half penny sweets – We know retro sweets have made a comeback but do you remember buying 1/2p sweets with your pocket money?  Penny sweets were great buy halfpenny ones like Mojos or white mice?  It was all about the quantity not the quality when you were all kids it seems!!!


Now come on everyone, be honest – hands up who had this Athena poster on their wall in the 1980s?  If not this one then maybe the cheeky Tennis player… Looks so dated now but at the time if you had one you we seen as so cool!


Did you stay up late to watch the Young Ones back in the day?  It was THE show to talk about at school or college the next day.  Cult TV – anarchic, funny and so cool.  Who was your favourite student – Rick, Vivien, Neil or Mike?  Awful Rick seemed to win most of you over with loveable hippy Neil a close second.


Who remembers having a Polly Pocket compact in the 1980s?  They were very cute, girlie and tiny and you spent more time losing her than playing with her!  Less than one inch tall she wouldn’t be allowed today for safety reasons – in fact current Polly’s are 3 times the size!


Who remembers Mattel Slime? It was yucky in its plastic dustbin holder….all the boys loved it though!  It got worse with slime containing rubber insects, eyeballs, and worms loved by little brothers mainly according to your memories!


Hands up who thought Debbie Harry was amazing, stylish, talented and cool?  A style icon to many of you (including our director Kate!), great songstress and Andy Warhol even created a painting of her – imagine having that honour!  Shots of her proved to be favourite posters on the wall for many of you.


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