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Did you catch our ‘Do you Remember’ posts this busy Christmas week? Here’s a round-up of any you may off missed.  All the photos were posted on our Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys added your likes and added some great comments.

Bunty Annuals – Who remembers reading Bunty as a girl? In the 60s,70s and 80s this is what all young girls read – can’t quite believe this cheeky 1970 cover though was aimed at children though!


1970’s retro Christmas cards – We remembered receiving cute Christmas cards like this in the 1970’s and then keeping them in a scrapbook!


The Two Ronnies Christmas Special – Watching the Two Ronnies Christmas special every Boxing Day is a Christmas tradition.  We at YVL used to love watching it with our whole family every year and still look out for the repeats now.  Altogether now – “I want 4 candles, Fork handles? No 4 candles!”


We’re you wired for sound?  Sony Walkman’s were THE cool present in the 1980’s – all teenagers wanted was a Walkman for your Duran Duran cassettes and they do look hilariously old fashioned now.  We loved ours – it made us feel sooooo cool!1527113_674088949277863_1794187288_n

The Tube – Do you remember on a Friday night watching The Tube?  It was one of the only real music programmes on at the time, with real bands, cool locations and great presenters.  The late Paula Yates was absolutely gorgeous and so fashionable and Jools Holland cool, funny and clever.  It treated it audience as if they were as cool as they were…and we loved it!


Another week of smiles and new recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments and remembering the things we’d forgotten!  ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration or follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.




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