The Day We Went Viral

Last week we proved that the power of Facebook is far from dead. Many people have been moving away from it as a social medium for their business due to “not being seen by their followers”. This is something we have discussed in the past in our business blogs, and last week we threw this thought right out of the window.

We posted a nostalgic photo of some Brownies on the Your Vintage Life page. It’s aim was to bring back memories, to engage with our followers and to have a bit of fun. At the point of writing this over 88,000 people have liked it, over 11,000 people have shared, 6847 people have commented and it’s overall reach is over 2 million. 2 MILLION PEOPLE have seen our page resulting in us getting an extra 1800 followers without any paid advertising. It has also had a knock on effect – people have been noticing more of what we do, my book sales have increased and we have had more requests for information about joining Club YVL.


So what did we do?

We engaged.

That’s all.

We found a photo that so many people in the UK of a certain age (which match our demographics) would relate to. We asked them a question which made them reply.

We shared it at a time that we knew our followers would be online.

Remember Facebook shows your posts to people who care. To people who want to see it. To those people who have liked your posts or commented recently. They don’t show it to people that (they feel) arent interested. They work this out by looking at your followers responses.

So, if you want them to see you, you have to engage with them so they respond. Ask them questions. Post things that will interest them. Add a good photo.

Don’t get me wrong, this can be sometimes hit and miss…sometimes we get a tumble weed moment when we post a “Do You Remember” photo. But mostly we get a great response.

It’s worth saying that his does take time and effort though. We have a social marketing plan that we follow daily to ensure our weekly reach is 100,000 people.

So next time you are posting something on your business Facebook page – STOP. Think about how to get maximum exposure for your brand. And Good Luck!


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  1. 15 October 2014 / 1:30 pm

    That all makes complete sense, thanks for the tip, I’m going to try it today!

    • Your vintage life
      15 October 2014 / 1:51 pm

      Great stuff, let us know how it goes…and keep it up! Kate

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