How Can You Arrange The Best Camping Trip? 

There’s a primal appeal to the idea of spending nights under the stars on a camping trip. In a world where we spend so much time on screens, completely disconnecting and getting back to nature can be a rejuvenating way to spend a holiday. 


That’s reflected in the growth of the UK’s campervan industry, with new vehicle registrations growing significantly over recent years. In this guide, we’ll offer some advice for making the most of a camping holiday. 


How Can You Arrange The Best Camping Trip? 


Finding the perfect location

The UK boasts a diverse range of campsites, from coastal retreats to serene countryside spots. Popular regions include Cornwall, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands, each offering unique landscapes and activities. Consider the amenities you need, such as electric hookups, water facilities and Wi-Fi, which many modern campsites now offer. Websites like Pitchup can help you find and book the ideal campsite within convenient reach of you. 



Preparing your vehicle

Getting your campervan ready to hit the road involves more than making sure you have insurance to cover it. Before you leave, do a thorough check of the vehicle’s mechanics, including oil levels, tyre pressure and brake functionality. If you don’t have vital supplies like spare tyres or a first-aid kit on board, stock up on those. Modern campervans often come with built-in amenities like kitchens and bathrooms but you could also consider investing in additional comforts like portable heaters or solar panels for off-grid camping. 


How Can You Arrange The Best Camping Trip? 


Preparing meals under the stars

One of the joys of camping is cooking outdoors. Plan your meals in advance, opting for easy-to-prepare dishes that require minimal equipment. Portable grills and camping stoves are perfect for cooking al fresco. Stock up on non-perishable items and make use of local produce when you can. Simple recipes like grilled vegetables, pasta and one-pot stews are both delicious and convenient. Don’t forget to pack essential cooking utensils and storage containers. 



Embrace the elements, safely

Weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for all conditions. Pack weather-appropriate clothing, including waterproof jackets, sturdy boots and warm layers. A reliable weather app can help you stay informed about any sudden changes. Safety should always be a priority; make sure you have a good understanding of the campsite’s rules and have a plan in place for emergencies. 



Unplug and unwind

One of the greatest benefits of campervan travel is the chance to disconnect from daily stress and reconnect with nature. The average Brit spends more than six hours per day online, so leaving that behind for a while can be one of the most refreshing experiences out there. Instead of spending that time on screens, you can explore hiking trails, enjoy water sports or simply relax with a good book. Many campsites offer peaceful environments perfect for unwinding. Take the opportunity to slow down, appreciate the simple pleasures and create lasting memories​. 



How Can You Arrange The Best Camping Trip? 


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