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How to use vintage fabric in your home

How to use vintage fabric in your home

I always have pieces of vintage fabric in my craft box, from large sections of collectable textiles, to small off cuts that are left over from my latest project. While out shopping at vintage fairs and festivals, I often see the most amazing designs from 1950s barkcloth covered in atomic patterns to more retro 1970s […] Read more…

David Whitehead Fabric as featured on Kate

D: David Whitehead Textiles

“The 1950s saw an explosion of pattern after the more conservative prints of the 1940s. During the war there was a shortage of yarn and dye so there were strict rules on what could be produced. Colours were restricted to four and the repeat pattern had to be small to reduce wastage during manufacturing. After […] Read more…

Textile Design

We’re taking a break from the usual Thursday’s Get the Look blog to share this video with you. It has been created by Gavin Edwards. He has a design/illustration background but more recently has taught himself animation and motion graphics, making the change in career in the last few years. The video is based on […] Read more…

The 1950’s home: Get the Look!

Here is our latest article for Vintage Life magazine with ideas of how to create a 1950s home with the must have items from the day.   Homes in the 1950’s were evolving fast. The Festival of Britain in 1951 showed the world that we had style and with rationing ending in 1954, we began […] Read more…

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