Vintage Pin Club

Vintage Pin Club is for all fans of nostalgia, of the iconic pieces from the 20th century that we have in our homes and would fight over at the car boot sale. For the lovers of vintage and retro, for people who want to literally wear their vintage on their sleeve (or lapel or jumper or both!)

Vintage Pin Club with Kate Beavis

What is Vintage Pin Club we hear you cry?

Vintage Pin Club is my shop where you can buy low run, vintage merch based on items from our past that I love, and that you will too! From enamel pins, to tea towels, to greetings cards (with more to come!) all can be bought via my Shop page.

Here are a few of my personal faves.

Vintage Pin Club Live To Thrift basket pin
Vintage Pin Club bear
Cathrine Holm enamel bowl vintage pinWomble pinPolly Pocket Vintage Pin





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