Using Instagram To Grow Your Business Workshop


Instagram is the best tool right now to engage with new and existing customers. It is a creative platform that captures people’s attention in a visual way and what’s more it is a GREAT way to grow your business.

But so many people and businesses are not using it in a way that will do all that. Many feel it is an uphill struggle to grow an audience, and struggle to know what to post and when.

Let me share how I have grown my audience to over 30,000. This audience has meant that my business has changed dramatically; from press contacting me, to customers wanting to buy from me and most importantly, to be taken more seriously in a creative arena.

My workshop “Using Instagram to grow your business” will share with you:

  • How to create an Instagram page that reflects your brand story
  • Why you need to consider each image carefully to grow your brand
  • How to grow your follower base
  • How to generate income through Instagram
  • How to use analytics to plan ahead

The workshop is on 29th September at my home in Bedfordshire. Expect some pre-work before hand to help us on the day. The workshop runs from 10.00-2.30 and will include a light lunch.

Afterwards there is an opportunity for you to join a Mastermind Session (Limited spaces) where you can get one to one feedback and advice on your Instagram from myself and the other mastermind delegates. This will run from 3.00-5.00.

The Instagram Workshop costs £95.

The Mastermind Session costs another £35 making it £130 for the day.




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