Vintage Pin Club

Vintage Pin Club is for all fans of nostalgia, of the iconic pieces from the 20th century that we have in our homes and would fight over at the car boot sale. For the lovers of vintage and retro, for people who want to literally wear their vintage on their sleeve (or lapel or jumper or both!)

Vintage Pin Club with Kate Beavis

What is Vintage Pin Club we hear you cry?

Every month there will be an exclusive launch of a vintage enamel pin, with your favourite nostalgic designs on. These are limited – there are only 100 made – so when they are gone they are gone. No re-runs. No “we have just found a few more down the back of the sofa”. They’re gone.

So basically, if you want one for you and your friends you need to get in there quick!

There are two ways to buy your vintage pin: a one off purchase or subscribe to Vintage Pin Club.

With a subscription, you are guaranteed to receive the new design sent to your home monthly. We will always make enough for the subscribers with eventually none being available to buy as a one off. OK, we may have a few but not loads!

We also have greetings cards to match: check out our SHOP page

January’s Pin

January’s pin features the 1970s favourite – the Womble. The Wombles were the ultimate recyclers – making good use of the things that they find, things that the everyday folks leave behind.

Womble pin

To buy a one off pin simply hit the BUY NOW speech bubble below. Remember, there are only 100 available and many will get snapped up by the subscribers!

Vintage Pin Club with Kate Beavis


The Monthly Vintage Pin

Love this  pin? Want this pin but would also love to get different styles sent to you each month – then now is the time to join Vintage Pin Club.

What you need to know:

Simply hit the Subscribe speech bubble and select which subscription offer you want. You can subscribe on a month by month basis (which can be cancelled at any time) or  6 monthly (paid in full at the start).

The new monthly pin will launch and be sent out on the first Monday of every month. For people who have paid later than the start of the month – we will continue to send out in staged payments throughout the month.

Click on the speech bubble to find all the subscription info and more….

Vintage Pin Club with Kate Beavis

And remember that when they are gone, they are gone! Happy vintage pinning!

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