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How to create a vintage garden

How to create a vintage garden

Vintage Garden History: Amateur gardening was a popular pastime in the 1930s, with rows of neat flower beds in the front and back gardens of the newly built suburbs. These quickly turned into allotment styled gardens in the 1940s as the government asked us all to “Dig for Victory”. Before now a lot of food […] Read more…

Print your Instagram photographs with Square Snaps as featured on Kate Beavis vintage home blog

Styling Ideas: Printed Polaroid Photo Collages

When was the last time you printed your photographs? I bet there is a whole generation out there who didn’t even realise you could. Remember when we used to have photo albums? Remember taking your film to the chemist or sending it away in a green envelope, only to get them back and realise your […] Read more…

Vintage jelly moulds as planters photo by Simon Whitmore for Style Your Modern Vintage Home by Kate Beavis

Vintage Spring styling ideas for your home

Spring has sprung! In between the odd snow flurries, the bulbs are out, the sun is shining and I actually want to walk the school run! So it’s time to spring clean your home (or at least give it a good tidy up) and start to think about adding some lovely springtime touches to brighten […] Read more…

Grey gold interior design ideas from Kate Beavis

50 Shades of Grey

Or maybe 10. To celebrate the launch of the new film that everyone is talking about (well except my household who are busy chatting about the new Sean the Sheep movie) I thought I would share some great grey ideas for your home. The colour has been on trend for some time now but I […] Read more…

vintage wallpaper shelves from kate Beavis

Styling Ideas Using Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper can brighten up any room providing pattern, texture and sometimes a sense of fun. But I always feel that once it is up, you don’t want to change it especially if you have gone to the expense of hiring someone to install it. By adding it to other items around your home, you can […] Read more…

vintage retro kids childrens playroom by Kate Beavis

Our Vintage Playroom

An age ago, Sarah wrote a blog post featuting styling ideas for displaying your wall art. Since then I have been meaning to revisit my kids playroom to create a wall for their many creations. They are very lucky to have a playroom (I so wish it was my office) and it was featured in […] Read more…

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