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Bohemian Luxe Garden Party styled by Waterbaby Flowers as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home Blog

Get The Look: A Bohemian Luxe Garden Party

Are you having a party at home that you want to make a great event? Well, Claire from Waterbaby Flowers did just that recently, by creating a styled birthday party that felt both bohemian and luxurious all at once. When I saw it on my Instagram feed, I just knew that I wanted to share […] Read more…

A vintage christmas dinner table by Kate Beavis

Our Vintage Christmas Dinner

I have recently been asked to dress my dinner table for Christmas as part of a competition by Furniture Choice. I jumped at the idea to style my dinner table for the big day, especially as I won’t be at home this year. So this way I get to set it all up how I […] Read more…

Vintage Styling Tips - reclaimed materials - vintage crates as kitchen storage via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials are the perfect choice of any vintage lover.  Green, sustainable and often quirky to look at they can also save you a lot of money.  Whether you use them in the construction of your home or look for furniture and design made from up-cycled pieces. One of the easiest ways to use reclaimed […] Read more…

Get The Look: Front Doors

The front door is the focal point of your home’s façade and primary entrance into your house and life. Dressed with the correct choice of door furniture with an appealing traditional door knob, knocker and letterbox it can provide a welcoming and appealing entryway into your home. source When making improvements to their homes, people […] Read more…

Link Love

We love these decoration ideas of using vintage pieces in unusual ways. Every week we fall just a little more in love with Betty Pamper and with posts like this it’s no wonder! Fat = failure? er I don’t think so. 1990s fashion……was there such a thing? Let Rag and Bow enlighten you. Now we’re […] Read more…

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