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Vintage bedroom with mirrored furniture by Kate Beavis Vintage Home Blog

My Vintage Bedroom / Dressing Room

We recently (finally) decorated our vintage bedroom. It is the second from last room to be totally renovated in our 5 year project. Until now it has been a dumping ground for anything and everything as well as doubling up as my dressing room. To be honest, the only thing going for it was the gorgeous […] Read more…

Vintage costume jewellery from Kate Beavis

My favourite vintage jewellery

As discussed earlier this week, I have recently started to sort through all my clothing and jewellery, ready for the impending paint job my spare room is getting. My jewellery was everywhere, so I spent a good hour or two going through all pieces and putting them away in my Danish sewing box. And boy […] Read more…

Orla Kiely coffee jars for Douwe Egberts as styled by Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Orla Kiely’s coffee jars for Douwe Egberts

The designer, Orla Kiely famed for her retro pattern has produced a range of coffee jars for the premium coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It is a marketing master stroke as so many of us are buying the jars to keep forever, yet still will then try the coffee. For me, it definitely worked as I […] Read more…

vintage floral flower style trunk from The Basket Company reviewed by Kate Beavis Home

Beautiful Vintage Storage

Storage is so important in your home but can we make something so functional look pretty? I don’t know about you but we have so much “stuff” that really needs putting away especially in our children’s rooms. Boy do they have silly amounts of “stuff”! Kitty (aged 4.5) has a really pretty vintage room, which […] Read more…

Tin Tastic!

I love vintage tins…it is official. It has probably a lot to do with the fact that my parents had a tin business for many years where they designed, imported and manufactured tinware. I also love storage, my belief is everything should have a home (something the rest of my family sometimes struggle with!). However, […] Read more…

Your Vintage Playroom

Your Vintage Life will be launching a new shop category this week to coincide with our latest article in Vintage Life Nostalgia magazine. It is called “Play the Vintage way” and gives you some inspiring ideas on how to create a vintage nursery or playroom. Your Vintage Playroom has 6 sub categories: Nursery, Toys, Books, Storage, […] Read more…

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