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Print your Instagram photographs with Square Snaps as featured on Kate Beavis vintage home blog

Styling Ideas: Printed Polaroid Photo Collages

When was the last time you printed your photographs? I bet there is a whole generation out there who didn’t even realise you could. Remember when we used to have photo albums? Remember taking your film to the chemist or sending it away in a green envelope, only to get them back and realise your […] Read more…

Get The Look: Vintage Photographs

Nothing evokes the memory quite like a vintage photograph, whether it is of a global event, such as a picture depicting the horrors of the First World War or the faded image of family ancestor; for example, a great grandmother photographed as a child. Photo by Simon Whitmore for FW Media for Style Your Modern […] Read more…

vintage 1930s fashion

1930s vintage photographs

For the last weeks or so I have been writing the 1920s/30s chapter of my upcoming book: Style your Modern Vintage Home. I have been writing about bedrooms of the time and the rise of photography. Thinking about putting genuine photos into vintage frames for a styling feature, I thought I would ask my family for […] Read more…

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