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We Love…1920s Perfume Bottles

“With the commercial boom in the 1920s perfume sales rocketed.  Ladies would apply their perfume before a night of dancing, to allure as well as to feel individual in a time of  new found freedom. To reinforce branding, manufacturers designed elaborate and beautiful glass bottles filled with the scent. Naturally France led the way with […] Read more…

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10 of the Best: 1930s homewares

After yesterdays Styling Tip using 1930s crochetware, we thought todays 10 of the Best should feature some more vintage lovelies from this era. All are available to buy right now online. 1. First up, let’s start with some real WOW vases. So often the 1930s used pastel shades but this bright orange appeals to my retro […] Read more…

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