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How to make vintage fabric lampshade fairy lights

How to make vintage fabric lampshade fairy lights

Autumn is finally here, the evenings are getting darker and the clocks soon will be put back, so it is now time to cosy up your home. I love this time of year, I enjoy adding fluffy throws and textured cushions onto my vintage sofa, as well as extra lighting here and there to create […] Read more…

How to make a tyre footstool

How to make an upcycled tyre footstool

Brighten up your decking or even a kids room by creating a brightly coloured tyre footstool from an old thrown away item. Add vintage fabric to give it a retro feel, then sit back, put your feet up, grab an ice cream and enjoy the sunshine. MATERIALS USED (All measurements are dependent on tyre size; […] Read more…

How to make an upcycled magazine rack using copper pipe

How to make an upcycled magazine rack using copper pipe

Copper as a material has been fashionable for some time now, and is seen in every room in the house. I love it, and remember having copper bathroom accessories back in the mid 90s which were alas car booted many years ago! This month I am showing you how to make an upcycled magazine rack […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: A Clothes Peg Wreath by Kate Beavis: Easter Upcycling

How to make an upcycled clothes peg wreath

The trend for decorating our homes for special holidays is growing year on year, as just like Christmas and Easter, it is a time for relaxing with family, enjoying great food and spoiling ourselves rotten! Every year I make a wreath with the children, with a spring feel, to hang in our kitchen diner and this […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: Vintage Bakeware Bird Feeders by Kate Beavis

How to make a Vintage enamel upcycled Bird Feeder

Rather than buying a plastic bird feeder this spring time, why not create your own upcycled bird feeder using old bakeware that is beyond repair such as cake tins and enamel lids. They look great hanging in groups too and the birds will love you for it! MATERIALS USED: A selection of vintage metal and […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial A Pipe Christmas Tree Picture by Kate Beavis

DIY Tutorial: A Pipe Christmas Tree Picture

If you don’t have space for a Christmas tree, why not create one for the wall? This month’s upcycled project uses off cuts of plumbing pipes to create a tree shape, so that you can display your treasured vintage baubles inside the circles. This is a great idea for parents of young children or even […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial A Vintage Jewel Christmas Tree by Kate Beavis

DIY Tutorial: A Vintage Jewel Christmas Tree

I was busy thinking about Christmas last month as I love to introduce a few festive things to my home in advance, a bit like a Countdown to Christmas! I start with a few table decorations, some original vintage and some handmade, created by my whole family. This year I have made a Christmas tree […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Vintage Blanket Cape by Kate Beavis

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Vintage Blanket Cape

Autumn can be hard for fashion – some days it is cold but often the sunshine breaks through leaving you too hot for your winter coat. I love to wear a vintage cape and ponchos at this time, which work really well layered over a polo neck and your skinny jeans, keeping you at the […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: How to make a bike wheel clock by Kate

DIY Tutorial: How to make a bike wheel clock

I recently wrote this article showing you how to make a bike wheel clock for Reloved Magazine for Father’s Day. However it makes a great project for anyone in the house! Choosing something for your father or even your children’s father can be difficult, so why not make him something this year that is not only […] Read more…

Vintage Christmas bauble decoration ideas as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Vintage Christmas Bauble Tree

This is my favourite thing in my Christmas digital book, Style Your Vintage Party – Christmas. This is so simple too as all you need is a glue gun! I have chosen to use a blackboard which sits in a vintage frame. To do this, I simply painted the back of the picture that was originally […] Read more…

Vintage Christmas bauble wreath as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Making a vintage wreath more vintage!

I recently found a very squashed 1960s/70s vintage wreath in a local junk shop. Once spruced up I felt it needed more vintage-ness added to it to make it look its best. This is something you could even do with a modern wreath as it is so simple and easy to do – it’s a […] Read more…

Homemade chutney with vintage crochet as featured on Kate Beavis vintage home blog

10 perfect Christmas gifts to show you care

I know my blog is about “stuff”. Vintage fashion, homewares, furniture, weddings all equal lovely things, but that’s just it – they are just things. When I first met my husband he showed me that gifts don’t have to cost but actually the ones filled with thought mean the most. Our first Valentine’s Day he […] Read more…

Bohemian Luxe Garden Party styled by Waterbaby Flowers as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home Blog

Get The Look: A Bohemian Luxe Garden Party

Are you having a party at home that you want to make a great event? Well, Claire from Waterbaby Flowers did just that recently, by creating a styled birthday party that felt both bohemian and luxurious all at once. When I saw it on my Instagram feed, I just knew that I wanted to share […] Read more…

DIY Pastel herb planters by Daphne Rosa as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Blog

DIY: Pretty Pastel Herb Garden Planters

  Today’s DIY tutorial comes from Kate from  from DaphneRosa who make fabulous bouquets from fabric. She recently decided to spruce up her  garden and posted the finished project on Instagram. I loved it and I know you will too. Plus it is so quick and simple! Over to Kate: “I wanted to grow some of my […] Read more…

Vintage bedroom with mirrored furniture by Kate Beavis Vintage Home Blog

My Vintage Bedroom / Dressing Room

We recently (finally) decorated our vintage bedroom. It is the second from last room to be totally renovated in our 5 year project. Until now it has been a dumping ground for anything and everything as well as doubling up as my dressing room. To be honest, the only thing going for it was the gorgeous […] Read more…

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

My Vintage Bedroom

We decorated our vintage bedroom a few years ago as part of our 5 year renovation of our 1920s home. However, it never felt calm, which I really wanted for this room. I love white walls so the colour of my vintage collections simply pop out, but this didn’t seem to work here. I think […] Read more…

Vintage handmade craft easter wreath by Kate Beavis

How to make a vintage easter wreath

Yesterday I made my first Easter wreath and it was so simple yet really cute, don’t you think? Materials used: A polystyrene ring from Hobbycraft Pins to fasten Vintage lace doilies and tray covers Broken vintage jewellery Vintage buttons Silk and paper flowers Easter bits and bobs from a craft shop such as eggs and […] Read more…

vintage wallpaper shelves from kate Beavis

Styling Ideas Using Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper can brighten up any room providing pattern, texture and sometimes a sense of fun. But I always feel that once it is up, you don’t want to change it especially if you have gone to the expense of hiring someone to install it. By adding it to other items around your home, you can […] Read more…

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