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Vintage fashion at Kate Beavis Vintage Blog

5 vintage fashion myths that need busting

I want everyone to feel good in vintage, in fact I am on a mission to prove everyone can add a bit of vintage to their daily wardrobe and look fabulous. Whether it is a whole outfit or merely a vintage brooch…go on give it a try! There are some vintage fashion myths out there […] Read more…

Vintage jelly moulds as planters photo by Simon Whitmore for Style Your Modern Vintage Home by Kate Beavis

Vintage Spring styling ideas for your home

Spring has sprung! In between the odd snow flurries, the bulbs are out, the sun is shining and I actually want to walk the school run! So it’s time to spring clean your home (or at least give it a good tidy up) and start to think about adding some lovely springtime touches to brighten […] Read more…

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