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Vintage style Christmas cushions

Vintage style Christmas cushions

While researching Christmas gifts for my two articles for The Lady Magazine, I found these amazing vintage style Christmas cushions from We Love Cushions. They not only make me nostalgic, they also make me smile as they are both kitsch and festive at the same time. I was lucky enough to have been gifted some […] Read more…

How to create a mid century living room Art Glass

How to create a mid century living room

A mid century living room looks perfect in so many settings; from a city apartment to a family home as it’s clean lines create a calm mood and uncluttered feel but can sometimes seem unobtainable due to the prices of the designer pieces. Let me share key items to include within it to create this […] Read more…

100 years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman

100 years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman

100 Years of Fashion Illustration is a new book, published by Laurence King Publishing written by Cally Blackman. It is a fantastic reference for any vintage fashion fan, sharing 400 illustrations from the Edwardian era through to the noughties which highlight to the reader how fashions have changed over 100 years. We are used to […] Read more…

How to create a vintage garden

How to create a vintage garden

Vintage Garden History: Amateur gardening was a popular pastime in the 1930s, with rows of neat flower beds in the front and back gardens of the newly built suburbs. These quickly turned into allotment styled gardens in the 1940s as the government asked us all to “Dig for Victory”. Before now a lot of food […] Read more…

How to use vintage fabric in your home

How to use vintage fabric in your home

I always have pieces of vintage fabric in my craft box, from large sections of collectable textiles, to small off cuts that are left over from my latest project. While out shopping at vintage fairs and festivals, I often see the most amazing designs from 1950s barkcloth covered in atomic patterns to more retro 1970s […] Read more…

10 things you hear when you are a vintage fashion fan

When you love vintage fashion, the people you know and love who don’t quite get it, are always pretty fascinated by us. Many find us a little “odd”, something I sometimes revel in. (Who wants to be “normal” anyway?) But then the questioning starts….. So is that like a dead person’s clothes? Maybe. If you are […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: A Clothes Peg Wreath by Kate Beavis: Easter Upcycling

How to make an upcycled clothes peg wreath

The trend for decorating our homes for special holidays is growing year on year, as just like Christmas and Easter, it is a time for relaxing with family, enjoying great food and spoiling ourselves rotten! Every year I make a wreath with the children, with a spring feel, to hang in our kitchen diner and this […] Read more…

Get the Vintage 1950s Kitchen Look English Rose from Style Your Modern Vintage home book by Kate Beavis

Get the Vintage 1950s Kitchen Look

We have decorated our bathrooms and kitchens in a stark white for the last 2 decades, but we are now starting to see colour creeping back in, which is perfect if you love the vintage look. With gadgets looking like the originals, the continued support for the Great British Bake Off and retailers bringing in […] Read more…

Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas by Kate Beavis

Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Recently I have been busy pinning Valentine’s Day gift ideas and crafts, and have noticed how many fab ideas for gift wrapping there is. So I thought I would give some of them a go, using oddments of wallpaper, wrapping paper, felt, buttons and ribbons that I have left over from Christmas and other craft […] Read more…

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